Q: What if I only need help with just college planning or just retirement planning?2022-11-06T16:21:50-08:00

Answer:  No problem, you only need to sign up for the service you will need.

Q: What if our income is too high to get financial aid? Can you still help us?2022-11-06T16:22:21-08:00

Answer: This is a big misconception, there are aid colleges give out that are not income based.  If you don’t file the financial aid forms, you may be guaranteed to get nothing.  We encourage every family at any income level to file the financial aid forms.

College selections plays a big role in the college financial planning process.  We need to make sure that your student select colleges that’s a good fit for her/him academically and also financially for you the parents.

Q: Can my CPA file the FAFSA for me?2022-11-06T16:22:55-08:00

Answer:  CPA is a tax expert and not a college planning expert. Although certain strategies work for tax planning, it may not necessarily help with college financial planning end.  Tax Return and the FAFSA are two different forms that require different strategies and planning.


Q: I ran some numbers on some of the college cost calculators out there and it doesn’t look like we will get anything. What do you do differently and how can you help?2022-11-07T11:08:46-08:00

Answer:  We will help you determine your Expected Family Contribution based on the Federal Methodology and Institutional Methodology calculations.  More importantly, we will help you lower your EFC so that you can get or maximize financial help and then guide you and your student which colleges will offer you financial help.

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