College planning is truly a partnership between student and parents.

Our dreams of giving our children the gift of higher education should not get in the way of our dreams of successful retirement. Too often many focus only on retirement and forget to save for one of the biggest expense in our lifetime – college!

At Excel, we offer a comprehensive and complete solution to navigating the college application process. We can assist you in the following areas:

• Help student decide which colleges to apply that makes sense academically, socially, and financially.

• Provide your student the resources, timeline, checklist to stay on track throughout the college planning process.

• Inform you what assets are considered by the US Department of Education and the colleges when they calculate your Student Aid Index or Expected Family Contribution.

• Assist you in reducing your Student Aid Index or Expected Family Contribution so that you can maximize your student’s potential scholarships and grants from federal, state and the colleges to help reduce your overall out-of-pocket costs.

• Complete and submit the FAFSA and all other financial aid forms required by the colleges that student will apply to.

• Based on your Student Aid Index or Expected Family Contribution and potential out-of-pocket cost, we will build a financial plan on how to pay for college the most cost-efficient way possible that fits your family budget.

• We are with you until your student picks the college of his/her choice!

With our guidance, resources, and assistance, we can certainly make this partnership work

Student should choose colleges to apply to that makes sense for them academically AND makes sense for their parents financially.

We can help to make this partnership work and help families through this challenging and stressful process.

With undergraduate 4 year college cost (before aid) now cost 100,000 – 300,000+, parents need to be aware and involved with student’s college selection to make sure they are choosing colleges that are affordable.

Excel College And Retirement Planning helps families in selecting the correct colleges, performing career searches, maximizing your financial aid potential, and showing you how to cash flow your financial responsibility.

We can help reduce expected family contribution so that students can maximize aid as well as choose colleges that are a good fit for them academically and for the parents financially.

Start this process by attending one of our informational free webinars, then request a free consultation to see how we can assist you!

Big savings – We routinely save families $50,000- $100,000 from a typical four-year college experience.

Every family’s situation is unique, just like every student is unique.  After the initial free consultation, we will determine your family’s needs and recommend what services make sense; this will then determine the cost for the services you will need.

This will be a valuable class for all parents with college-bound students.  We will go over timeline for high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors!

In this free informational webinar you will learn:

How to help students decide which colleges they should apply to.

The importance of the FAFSA form and other financial aid forms, timelines, deadlines, and the planning that needs to be done before these forms get submitted.

What goes into the US Department of Education and the colleges’ calculation of your Expected Family Contribution.

How to maximize your student’s potential to receive gift aid -scholarships and grants!

How to attend a PRIVATE COLLEGE for a Public College Price!!!

How procrastination could cost your family thousands of dollars!

Plan for a full 1 hour, we’ll use every minute of class time. Q & A session will follow the presentation.

*Feeling overwhelmed and not where and how to start??? We will go over timeline and the process with you!

Important: This class will discuss how families with an annual income of $75,000 – $400,000 received financial assistance to help pay for a college education!

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Our Experience Can Help You

Our dreams of giving our children the gift of higher education should not get in the way of our dreams of successful retirement. Too often many focus only on retirement and forget to save for one of the biggest expense in our lifetime – college!

Strategic Academic Positioning

Are you concerned that your student may not be choosing the right potential career path, major, or colleges?

Worried your student may not get into the colleges he/she will apply to?

Our Student Positioning service can help with these concerns!

Financial Planning To Make College More Affordable

Don’t know how much college will cost you?

Wondering how you can afford to send your child or children to college and also plan for retirement?

Not sure where and how to start your college financial planning?

Our Financial Positioning and Planning service can help you!

Navigate Retirement Planning While Sending Children to College

Concerned that your retirement will take a toll as you send your child or children through college?

Are you getting close to retirement, yet your retirement savings is not growing enough?

Need to grow your retirement savings, yet afraid to take market risks being so close to your retirement years?

Our Safe Retirement Planning can help you!

Parents of Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors
You are invited to a FREE College Planning Webinar

We‘ve helped people just like you achieve peace of mind and a financial plan…

We’re Going To College!

”When it came time for my daughter to attend college it was a frightening time for us as parents.

Thank GOD we came in contact with Lea. She gave us so much comfort knowing she would do everything in her power to get us as a family in a positive position where my daughter would get as much financial help as possible and still be able for us as parents to afford college.

We are so happy with Lea, that we have our second daughter that will start college next year and we are working with Lea once again.

Lea would always answer her phone and always responded quickly to all concerns throughout the process and then after.

If you’re considering joining a college preparation company, it’s one of the most important choices you will make, you will be in safe hands with Lea…”

Oscar S.
Proud parent of a USC student and future freshman in college

We Could Not Be Happier!

I am so pleased that I was able to work with Lea as we prepared for my daughter to select and go to college. I definitely needed the support, guidance and assistance and that is what I received; actually, I am still depending on it!

Lea and her team have always been available for my many calls and questions. She has been patient and was able to meet me and my daughter’s individual needs. My daughter is now a sophomore at a small private college for the same cost as an in-state public college cost after the financial assistance we received.

She could not be happier with her college choice, it was exactly what she wanted; rigorous curriculum with a supportive community in a beautiful setting-and I’m so happy that after the grants and scholarships we received that I’m able to send her there.

Evelyn A.
Proud parent of a Reed College student